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Innocent Israelis Trying To Hide Are Picked Off...

No Regard For Life.

She Was Raped,
Mutilated And Set On Fire.

You Can Hear The Israeli Rescue Workers In Disbelief.

Palestinians congregating around an Israeli shelter.
They toss a grenade inside and a kid from the music 
festival runs out. They shoot him in cold blood.

Inside The Shelter Filled With Kids From The Festival after Grenades.

This was filmed
by the Palestinian Murderers

They Killed Everyone.
These people weren't Israelis and they hid in a nearby house...

They went to each shelter, threw grenades inside and then dragged out those still alive.

This Entire Family Was Butchered By Bare Hands, In Front Of Each Other.
Is That Humane?

Listen to them Scream
'Allah Akbar' (G-d Is Great)
As They Parade Around The
Defiled Dead Body Of A 22yrld girl.

If That's What Your G-d Wants You To Celebrate, There Is Something Seriously Fucked-Up With Your Religious Practice!
(Notice The Teens & Kids Celebrating Too)

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